The Body Gathering

What if there were a church…

where every time we gathered we built from scratch a safe container of consent…
where no one was judged for who they are or how they express that truth…
where everyone was honored and supported in the place they are in life…
where we could talk openly about sex, gender, consent, pleasure, and relationships..
where the leaders were open and honest about their own struggles and challenges…
where you, you as a precious divine being, felt truly at home…
where we were engaged in the world, helping the least and lost, the marginalized, sex-positive, kink, and LGBTQAI+ communities…
where a connection to the divine Presence is more important than doctrine or belief….

Would you come to that church?

Would you support it’s mission?

I have, for some time now, been urged by my mentors and friends to find a way to integrate all the parts of my life: pastor, church musician/liturgist, sexuality coach, social activist, and queer gender-fluid masculine-primary pansexual polyamorous man. There is no existing church in San Antonio that would welcome me fully in all these parts of myself, even the most progressive ones. So I am desiring to start one, one that I would want to go to, where I would feel welcome in all my different life-bits.

This ‘church’ will have a local San Antonio, TX real-world component and a virtual component.

Our focus will be to use ritual to heal ritual damages; to help everyone who has been shamed, traumatized, abused, or oppressed by the Church to find their path toward healing. Secondarily, or maybe more importantly than healing, we will build community, share our wisdom, help those who are living at the sexual margins work out real-world problems, and be a resource and safe haven for anyone being actively hurt because of their sexual orientation, gender expression, or kink.

If you are interested in this in any way, let’s talk.

In the flesh

Some days I find
I am smaller than I desire.

Some days I grow so huge
that I encompass all my loves.

But what I desire, my dearest,
is to be in my skin:

to feel your fingers fully
when you touch me,

to feel the blue-gold threads
connecting your heart to mine,

to learn to be enough
not too little or too much.

Then, then, it will be
just you and I,
seeing each other fully, completely,
and, at last, without fear.


Sometimes it’s only a simple human connection

head on shoulder, gentle touch


Sometimes it’s knowing there is an ear

and heart, and shared pain


Fear keeps us at a distance

but light breaks through

against our will even

Tears come unbidden

not always unwelcome

clearing paths in the heart


Everywhere you look
behind the feeling of denial
is overflowing abundance
Everywhere you look
behind burdening care
is transcendent joy
It’s all in the eyes.
Which way will you look?


Some conversations
have been intense:
what we desire, hope;
then there are the ones
that are more common
but no less anticipatory:
what time will you arrive?
The mechanical arrangements
holding a full unspoken set
of what the time we have together
will contain (trembling and authority);
the negotiation that can’t be done
by text or even phone,
that requires intimate voice and touch,
opening a door to a long-viewed panorama
a landscape of submission
always known but never walked,
where we are becoming
our inevitable true selves.

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