Erotic Blueprints™

I’m David. I help people reconnect to their bodies so that they can open their lives to deeper joy. Please reach out if you want to know more about that.

I am a certified coach using The Erotic Blueprints™ developed by the somatic sexologist Jaiya Ma, as seen on TV (I’ve always wanted to say that…)(The series Sex, Love and Goop on Netflix).The Erotic Blueprints were developed by Jaiya out of her more than two decades of work helping people discover their body’s true responses. They are an excellent tool for improving communication in any relationship, learning what our own true desires are, and uncovering blocks in our emotional, physical, and spiritual responses to one another.

My coaching centers on helping you discover the truth of yourself as it resides in your body.

Until I discovered the Erotic Blueprints, I was not very aware of my body truth, how to isolate and identify my needs (not just in bed but in all of life), and how to act on that understanding.

I identify as pangender, pansexual, and polyamorous. I have a strong kinky side. There is nothing about you, your desires, or your struggles that I would judge or be reluctant to assist you in improving.

I was shamed for my sexuality by many people in my life. I have learned to move past that shame. If you hold shame about your desires, body, body image, or actions, I can help you shed that shame, especially if it has a religious basis. There is no basis for shame theologically in the Judeo-Christian scriptures.

You do not need to be religious in any way to work with me, but if you are, I will be sensitive to that aspect of your life and help you see how your pleasure and sexuality fit within the framework of your beliefs in a positive and healthy way.

As you can discover on other pages in this site, I was a pastor in a mainline Christian denomination; I was born and raised Jewish; I am now identifying as non-creedal, post-religion. I have a full seminary education from a progressive seminary and one of my primary responsibilities for the 14 years I was an active pastor was pastoral care. If you are a sex-positive, LGBTQIA+, and/or kinky person, who, because of this has been excluded by faith communities, and need someone to walk with you through life’s challenges, I have that experience and will gladly hold space to work with you through whatever challenges you are facing.

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