Parallel Lives

I have two parallel lives happening simultaneously at present. I think many here might identify: our kink life and our external vanilla life.

In my external life I am a pastor starting a non-denominational sex-positive church, and serving a mainline church as the music director and organist.

In that external life, I am moving to fully align the two; I intend to be openly fully out as who I am to everyone by mid year: bi, poly, and Dom.

To that end I am becoming much more stridently pro-LGBTQIA+ in that life, although I have always been an ally; this is having some consequences (not surprisingly). I was critical of my former bishop’s failure to undo the previous bishop’s stacking of the committee that interviews candidates for ordination with very theologically conservative, anti-LGBTQ people. This resulted in my being outed as having a sex life while single and I resigned my ordination int hat church.

In my kink life, I am offering vanilla-world friendship on FB to anyone here [note: this is on FetLife, but if you are a WordPress blogger who can message me here, the offer stands also, or contact me here] who would like to see who and what I am in the external world.

As I draw the two threads of my wholeness closer together, I can already see how integrating them is going to be something powerful, how it is going to make me fully who I am, in all those seeming contradictions: Sex coach, polyamorous lover, pastor, organist, Dom, Daddy, theologian, sarcastic irreverent seeker of the Divine, someone who has experienced that full Divine union/expansion at least once, someone who is totally distrusting of organized religion…

stay tuned.

and, I’m totally serious about FB friending…just message me.

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