One Born Every Minute

I’m sitting on a  bench at the back of the sand
shaded by a tree-sized beach grape
low dunes covered with unfamiliar yellow flowers
An egret stalks around the other side of the bush
intent on unseen prey
some small bug or another
Down the beach my Beloved stands
feet sinking in wet sand
as she peers intently at something in the water
offshore, some people with more money than sense
have grounded their rented cabin cruiser
on a sandbar, somehow thinking that 50 feet out was deep enough
soon a tugboat shows up to stand watch
the server in the restaurant we went to later
says this happens once a week
the tugboat charges 375/hour and shines the rubes on
telling them they just need a little more high tide to come in
that if they pull them off now it would damage the hull
I love that the tugboat operators make a living off their stupidity
my sense of wanting to stick it to the man
gets to come out and play
so 9 hours later at 375 per, the tide has come back in
and the cabin cruiser floats free
owing the tugboat operator thousands for doing nothing
not to mention whatever the late fees
for bringing the rental boat back late are
I wanted to swim out and tell them I have a bridge for sale
but mostly in this moment I am watching my Beloved walking away
and remembering how her ass felt
bare against my hand this morning

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