Ambiguity Reigns

Someone I was dating last year told me, “Doms don’t go down on their women, they demand and get head”. Really?

Such categorizations of what “Doms” do or don’t do is just so much wasted effort.

I love my subs, and yes, I love to eat their pussies. And I’m fucking good at it.

And sometimes I order them into play situations and set the scene. And other times I just am in bed with them and still domming them totally, no scene, nothing but our in-the-moment control/surrender. And one lover is not defined as sub to me, we are just together in the moment in high masculine/feminine polarity.

I read a lot of things here making absolute statements about what a particular type of person.Dom/sub/master etc is or isn’t…

If we all could give up the need for absolutes, imagine what beauty and joy we could have in this world, if we could accept ourselves and our partners just as they are and go from there in deepening our relationships…

I move in the religion world a lot, and the need for absolutes is what has fucked that world up; the inability to tolerate ambiguity is the province of fear.

If you are someone who has a difficult time with ambiguity, try letting some in and see if that doesn’t make every muscle in your shoulders and upper back relax…

Life is too short to let fear rule you.

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