At dinner, I let you
read something I had posted
feeling massively vulnerable
as your eyes scanned my manifesto
I saw your cheeks flush
then you looked up at me and said
no man had ever held
a container for you
energy was pouring out of you
toward me
and my eyelids were heavy
with the desire to be
a breath away from yours
but we are moving slow
which I also desire;
later I kissed you
just a touch, slow,
like our whole process

this is so sweet
and lovely
to find a space
within me
where you are safe
breaking off the rough edges
of my impatience
turning it into a slow, slow song,
adding a voice to the structure,
deep joy possibly looming;
and somewhere in me,
in some place I can’t name,
along with everyone else
already moving together toward
something we haven’t defined,
a new path opens

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