Every time I drive a certain route
I drive frequently to a nearby city
there are new and different blooms
at every level, ground and treetop
and the pale green of new mesquite leaves
the perpetual dark green junipers
the multiple grasses that later
will be golden or brown or grey

Every time I lie with you
there are new and different ways
you touch my heart and my skin
at every level, softly and deeply
and the touch of your hand on my arm
on my shoulder, on my back
will one day also be both
as familiar as the landscape
and as new as each spring’s growth

The blessing in this is that
this is true for all the yous
that I lie with, whenever that may be
and my heart continues to expand
making room for new touches,
new words, new glances
at all levels, rewiring old pain
into complete and total joy

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