you were going to meet me
for an anxious medical appointment
but were late
there is a drink named after you
at your favorite bar
called, waiting for you
well, it’s waiting for
(your name)
but I won’t put that here
yet, but
I love that
I love waiting for you
so then we went for coffee
to debrief
about many things
and I asked for ten minutes
to sit in your truck and touch
before you took me back to my car
and you said, but my windows aren’t tinted
so I kissed you
I said that the things you had said
to me
a few nights ago
burst my heart open
and you said, there’s one more now
you said, drive safely
there is someone who loves you
waiting at home
I am still rippling in the energy
that started up my spine
when you said that
looking in my eyes;
I am still needing to wipe away
the tears of that

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