I long to be the one
who can ease away your frustration
at the world, the doctors
who don’t take the time needed
or who you can’t even see
and I long to hold you
your head on my shoulder
stroking your hair
sending all the tension away
but I never can send it all away
and that’s real
and I long to, when you say
things you wish could change
so that we could be together more,
to be in front of you
pressing my finger to your lips
to silence the words, and maybe the thoughts
that are less-than
because, my sweetheart
you are so much more than less-than
so much more than what frustrates you
your radiance blooming from your skin,
your face, words, touch
and when I was scared in the night
I remembered that radiance
and the glow of it on my ceiling
eased me into sleep
the way it will again tonight
and the next night you are here
and on and on

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