after the party last night
we sat on your couch
and you leaned back into me
my arms around you
yours reaching back stroking my hair
I will be away for a few days
and not see you again for a week
and I was already longing for you
and you said, I will miss you also
and my heart got so big
I thought it might burst
and your hand resting gently on my leg
the kiss you gave my palm
your body leaning against mine
all said the same

my inside and outside
don’t always align
I seem some days to say things
that I know I don’t mean exactly
even as I say them
and the greatest gift you give me
is letting me re-align my thought
so that it does, as best words can,
reflect my inner state

in the times I am absent from you
I long for this alignment
inner and outer
touch and thought
heart and mind
heart and fingertips
breath and blankets
silence and darkness and the warmth
of your leg over mine
your heat pressed to my thigh

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