Taking Care

You take a photo
of me using
woodworking tools
to take old polish
off your toenails

You can’t reach them
for the splint
my heart is so full
that you let me be
so intimate

helping you shower
rewrapping your splint
bringing you supper in bed
I don’t need lovemaking
when I have this

I know how it isn’t easy
for you to let me
take care of you
support you
enfold you

I take you to work;
at home, folding your clothes
to put in your space
in my closet
my eyes spill over

you said last night
a pillow away
that you love seeing
how every week
people give me things

how they, and you,
all see that I am
better than I feel
I text you
that I’m a silly old man

and go back to putting away
the parts of you
that you leave with me
to be cared for
and cherished

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