drunk on you, your words
push clouds of scent
frankincense and orange
penetrating the secret fortresses
I thought no one knew of
softness sliding across my skin
my ears burn with your thoughts


I lean into your car window
to kiss you again
this could go on forever
I pull away sooner than I would
so that I can pull away at all
I want a time
when there is no constraint
honey on your lips, all of them
that I lick off luxuriously
your eyes inches away
terrifyingly, completely safe
fierceness melted into surrender


My skin has its own memory
better than whiskey
more real than ice cream
flames licking up the wood
consuming the bush this time
even though I hear a voice
speaking my own thoughts
before I have them.


salmon morphs to rose
violet at the edges of grey
then almost dark
reminds me of your hair


talking, you hold your hand out
to take mine; such a small thing
and unaccustomed for me
I see something blooming
a secret flower, perhaps,
and want to cup it gently
in my hands, waiting to see
what it becomes


I stand in the clearing
you hide in the bushes
peering out, desiring
to come out slowly
and take silky treats
from my hand

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