It’s your presence with me
that I most crave,
however you show up,
sometimes exhausted
from work and school, sometimes
in a mood, sometimes with
health concerns no amount
of my wishing can overcome;
and sometimes, sweetheart,
you show up in your body
and we end up skin to skin
lips to lips, your eyes looking
into mine, my heart glowing;
my body responds to your desire
time changes some, and after
your head rests on my shoulder,
your breathing sliding into sleep
and I have a sudden view
of time compressed, my much older self
still here in this moment,
hearts connected still, then,
and I lose whatever words
there might have been
to tell you how that feels
so instead, I rest my cheek
against the softness of your hair
and listen, gratefully,
to each breath you take,
because that is another moment
you lie in my arms.

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