I tell you in a text
that I am overflowing
from the obvious concern
I saw in you when I was sick
that if I had any doubts at all
about how you feel those are gone.
Your reply is one word, Heart.
Over the past few months
it’s just been single words
that have pushed out
the edges of my heart
Heart, Okay, your sign off xoxo.
My heart has long ago outgrown
my chest, it is a golden sphere
surrounding all of me
and I reach down through it,
the sphere, golden from you
and blue from me, colors swirling
together, I reach down
into the oldest wounds I have
touching their edges through
blue-gold energy, the color
of my toenails this week,
and the edges of the wound
are all i can bear to feel,
and I lie in your bed, sobbing
your arms around me, your voice
whispering in my ears that I am safe.
What is love if not this?
Your willingness to witness me,
holding my reintegration
without judgment, neither of us
knowing who I will be at the end,
trusting the universe to give us
beauty and joy beyond measure,
Joy that, each day already, is
beyond all the beginning decades
I have so far lived.
I sit and write this, the feeling
of being held and loved by you
the feeling of your body against mine
resurfacing, tears running down my face
and it is only a few hours
until I can once again hold you.
Someday, someday my beloved
the tears will be done and possibly,
just possibly, my radiance will match yours.

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