We sit across the booth
a feast between us
and I look in your eyes
and see longing and space and calm
and the gift of being able to fully be
just myself. Earlier you told me
you have good hands
when I stroked your back a little
and I said, you don’t know
the full extent of that,
and you said, I’m sure, and even though
I was not seeing your face
I heard the smile in your voice..
We move toward one another so slowly
on my part, not daring to risk
what I know will be a real connection
with an advance that overwhelms
your energetic spaces.
You drop me back at my house
and I lean into the window
of your car and kiss you
and as I walk to my door,
my energy surges up toward
the cloudy night sky
and I feel you still behind me
sitting in your car.
and I wonder, what do you see.
I have so much to learn
about taking in your compliments
and letting them reside in my muscles
and skin and bones and mind
and, heart, their true home.

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