Your head is snuggled
into my shoulder
your hair across my chest
and some in my face
your arm across also
and I smile into your hair
this is the second night
in a row you have been
in my bed
it doesn’t happen often
schedules, obligations
your husband, school
and this is such a luxury
I know it won’t happen again
for some time
you are falling asleep against me
your warmth and deep breathing
and I realize
that I am safe
safe for you
safe to give myself away
safe to let my heart out
I haven’t been safe
for a long time
you gave me this gift tonight
of knowing my safety
and I can carry that gift
to other beds
and in other’s arms
and I know, as I smile into your hair
that you are not only
good with that
but will delight in it
with me
the next time your head
snuggles to my shoulder
and I stroke your hair
and you come into the safety
of my arms
and we whisper together
stories and dreams
safe together again

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