What polyamory is for me, part 2

I am now solidly in three relationships with several others that might become more.
Part 1 of this talked about jealousy. I have found it to be entirely true that if I am solidly in myself, if I know that I am enough, that I am not broken, that I am desirable, then there simply isn’t jealousy. As of about a month ago, something shifted in my understanding, and my jealousy vanished. Gone. It was a somatic shift, something old released, the trauma that had been creating (admittedly decreasing) feelings of not-enough is completed, and I am now myself.
I am pretty convinced that, like any relationship, being polyamorous is a crucible for refining your own self. In this case, at a 3-5x faster pace..sometimes, it’s whew, and other times, the depth of connection and love I have leaves me on the floor in gratitude.
This page is a thought in progress, but I wanted to place these things here, as I have some new readers, and I’m no longer living with jealousy; they should know that this is possible.

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