The current state of affairs (of the heart): part 3

As 2020 started I am in three primary relationships: R, G, and R’s R. Others have come and mostly gone; I have had a number of unremarkable first dates and a few second dates and nothing has ‘stuck’. Lately I’ve met several women on OKCupid, but I’m only talking to one at the moment (3/28/20).

My relationships with the three mentioned above have gone deeper and deeper. I am deliriously happy with all of them. I am also now firmly identifying as ‘my own primary’. I have, even before social distancing, had 4-5 nights alone in my own bed and like it this way. I spend one night a week with G, one night sleepover with R and occasionally another night in a non-sleepover date, and one night every 2-3 weeks with R’s R. This seems like the perfect balance.

My heart has room for more people. I am in non-sexual love relationships with at least 4 other people, some of whom I talk to daily, some less often. These are all lovely and wonderful as well. The more I learn and live out authentically who I am, the more I am able to be in solid, open, healthy relationships. It’s all highly recommended….

Update 4/25

I have been isolated with one exception for a month. R has also isolated that long, so we have seen each other some. I have not seen G or R’sR for 6 weeks. I miss G terribly. I am drawing closer to R.

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