Current state of affairs (of the heart): part 4 (7/12/20)

COVID has changed the poly-pod landscape. Some of the changes may be permanent.

Here are some poems about this:
The last public event I (and R) attended was on March 13, 2020. The next day our locale began shelter-in-place, and I and all my partners took that very seriously (unfortunately, many others in our city did not, and continue not to). I did not see anyone for 4 weeks. R and I were both totally isolating so after 4 weeks we began spending time together. G was not able to isolate to the same extent, and their other partner wasn’t also, so we did not spend any time together for 7 weeks, That was a very long 7 weeks. R’sR has not been isolating at all; neither she nor I have seen him except for socially-distanced dinners in her backyard. I miss him. I am somewhat angry that he has not placed the same importance on our health and relationships R and I have, but that is his choice. He and I are having occasional phone calls to stay connected to the extent that is possible.

COVID isolation has drawn me much closer to R and G. I think we all are reassessing what really matters in our lives. These two amazing women matter to me in ways I could not ever have expected 3 years ago when I met them.

I have met two new women and one man on dating apps. The man was someone I had a couple of dates with two years ago, then he had decided to pursue a monogamous relationship, and now we are back in touch. He is a lovely, sweet man and I feel we will become close at some point when it is safe.

One of the new women, J and I have had a socially-distanced hike and several extended phone calls. She lives about 80- miles away, so even in the best of times we would not see each other a lot. This level of contact feels good right now.

The other woman I met online is now a partner. She will be designated E here. She was seeking a Dom and we are in a full D/s relationship, with her orientation being that of a service sub. This will be challenging for me, as I like to be self-sufficient and do everything for myself. Allowing someone else to DO for me will push against my edges and the persistent receiving-block I have been working on for several years. And, I am loving the time I spend with her already. Here is a poem about her: Quarantine connection. More to come on that….

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