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This page will contain links to pages here that are not pinned to the front, that mirror content I have placed on my FetLife profile, so that people who don’t have Fet can see my writings there. [edit 3/28/20: I have not been very active on Fet in some time but plan to get back to posting here, and mirroring that here, soon]

I will not replicate any comments or likes from Fet, but will indicate about how many likes a page there has gotten.

I’m not that kind of Dom 105 likes, 66 comments

The Body Gathering

Dom and Daddy 4 likes, 1 comment

Poly Holidays

I’ve always been Dom

The Night Before Epiphany

Parallel Lives 5 likes

Is It Innate? 26 likes, 14 comments

Fun Poly Date Times 6 comments

Ambiguity Reigns 3 comments

last updater 2/12/2019

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